Indian J Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2022 Dec;74(4):547-554. doi: 10.1007/s12070-022-03127-9


Piombino P, Troise S, Maglitto F, Barone S, Sani L, Committeri U, Norino G, Bonavolontà P, Salzano G, Vaira LA, De Riu G, Califano L


Background: COVID-19 is a global pandemic. The virus spreads through respiratory droplets and close contact. Therefore, the availability of personal protective equipment (PPE) for healthcare professionals is essential. 3D printing technology could represent a valid option to ameliorate PPE shortages.

Methodology: Custom-made face mask were designed on the basis of facial scan and then 3D-printed. The whole protocol is executed with freeware software and only required a 3D printer. Six healthcare workers wore the device weekly thus expressing a judgment regarding quality of work, respiratory and skin comfort.

Results: The estimated total cost of a single mask is approximately 5 USD. The virtual design of a complete mask lasted 68 minutes on average. Most healthcare workers rated comfort as very good.

Conclusions: Based on the encouraging results obtained, we can confidently confirm that custom-made masks are novel and useful devices that may be used in the fight against COVID-19.

Keywords: 3D-printed; COVID-19; PPE; face mask; personal protective equipment.

Copyright (c) 2021 Pasquale Piombino, Umberto Committeri, Giovanna Norino, Luigi Angelo Vaira, Stefania Troise, Fabio Maglitto, Domenico Mariniello, Giacomo De Riu, Luigi Califano.



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